Heart and Sole Futsal Academy

What is the USYF Developmental Academy?

The Academy Program is U.S. Youth Futsal's most recent and highest level program. Heart & Sole Futsal applied for and was granted this status and USYF is expecting the program to expand throughout all Regions of the US in 2019.

This program is offered to players born 2000 - 2007. Academy teams will be selected through a tryout process. Players will attend a year-long training program in facilities with USYF standards.

Academy Players are coached by the best Futsal Coaches in the area. The players have a direct connection to the U.S. Youth Futsal National Staff allowing them to be seen and invited to I.D. Trials including National I.D. USYF Academy Players will get a chance to be observed by other coaches (Club and College) in different Showcases.

U10-HS Heart and Sole 'USYF Development Academy' requires a $100 registration fee, mandatory try out and accepted players are committed for a 12 month period (beginning the week after Labor Day). Our current Heart and Sole Futsal advanced players have been offered a position for the DA and will be assigned to teams.

U10 - U16 Heart and Sole 'Advanced' program is designed for experienced players and is a two-hour per session training.

Players can attend any location where their programs are being offered. No extra fee to attend to more than one location.

U5-U8 Heart and Sole 'Futsal Juniors' training is being offered in ALL locations. US soccer will be different in a few years if we start young kids with Futsal Training. All of the 'Futsal Juniors' training are one hour per session.

U8 - U12 Heart and Sole 'Intermediate' program has the option of signing up for one hour or two hour training per session. We recommend families to sign up for two hours if possible. Our plan is to do technical/individual skills during the first hour and tactical/game skills during the second hour.

Futsal Training Drop Ins offer the option to drop in to any location for futsal training at a minimum cost of $25 per session.

Winter Session #2 starts in January of 2019. This program includes 8 sessions of an hour training and 8 weekend games. You can get a second hour of training for an additional $100 fee (category listed below). Players will be assigned to teams once enrolled. No refund after enrollement and players must be registered and paid before the first game.

Futsal Training - Extra Hour Add On is designed for players who are enrolled for Winter Session #2 and who want to get a second hour of training on Fridays.

Primero Team (Winter Session) primero teams are our elite programs for players who cannot commit to futsal year round. These players will play at a high level, train 2 hours a week on a friday and play on Saturdays. Primero teams are coached by our senior coaching staff.

Segundo Team (Winter Session) segundo teams are our elite programs for players who cannot commit to futsal year round but need time to adjust to the game of futsal. These players will play at an Intermediate level, train 2 hours a week on a friday and play on Saturdays.